Zeeltronic for 2003 DT 125 R

  • Hi, @Calum what version Zeeltronic for my DT, is mine a 3RM or a DE03 and does it
    come with a base map to get me running ? Will be using for mainly green laning/off road so looking to get more power in lower and mid range, I know won't give me more bhp just want to have the power delivery to my liking and powervalve opening and closing where I want it to.
    Still haven't had chance to sort powervalve yet and now bike is covered in snow 2 foot thick, has a decent cover on it and sprayed it lots with ACF-50.

    cheers Terry

  • You'd have to speak to Borut about what version of their product you need. I don't own a 2003 DTR I'm afraid so I can't say for sure. Mine was a PDVT10 but yours will probably be different.

    And you most certainly will get more BHP, it was by far the best mod I done to my bike.

    Others claim the Zeel is overpriced for what it is and use ignitech instead, some £100 cheaper. I highly rate the Zeel and will be getting another for my RS.

    You will need to programmer as you can't guarantee the map is right, mine was way way way out. They supplied me with 5 decent maps, and you go from their. But the base maps are wicked boost in power!

  • Think zeel for mine is the PCDI10VT and was getting the Handheld Programmer to go with it. For £250 with the Handheld Programmer I think is a good deal as can tailer the map to suit the engine and riding style, can have an off road map then switch to a top end map for the road and can even switch maps riding.
    Paid over £100 for a 3RM-20 CDI , it revs a lot better with it but not £100 better.

  • @2stroketerry Here is my experience.

    When I fitted the zeel after years of riding stock ignition, I genuinely was hard pressed to tell you the difference

    After a few months my unit went faulty, was sent back and an exchange was made no quibbles. I reverted back to the stock ignition for a few days and I was gob smacked at how much performance was lost. Not so much top end, but that too, but mainly at how much more mid range there now was.

  • @calum so where’s the zeel
    Now 😉

  • @declan Hopefully in my lock up safe and sound mate.

  • @calum Just curious besides a dep pipe and being derestricted my dt 125r 2002/2003 is pretty stock. would the difference be noticed?

  • @sgt-robuck-5 On a 2003? Yes, very noticeable. The CDI's on those are tooragic!

  • @calum the bike is 2003 reg but the frame number when searched is 2002 model

  • @sgt-robuck-5 Yeah, from 2000-2004 the restrictions were just unreal.

  • @calum I will have to have a look into it!

  • @sgt-robuck-5 Don't forget the ignitech @Darty rates them.

    I used Zeel because it came recommended to me.

    I will be buying zeel for my upcoming project.

    I've had problems with them, I contacted them and they sorted it out no quibbles.

    Peace of mind.

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