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  • I know you have a lot of things already under progress with this page calum but wouldn't it be great to have like an open chat or something where you could just ask questions that are not really big enough for a new thread? A chat where you could also just talk about other stuff (like the off topic category). Just an idea.

  • My issue with that is, the chat is not useful for archive.

    The whole point about this forum is the ability to search previous threads to find answers to questions.

    You end up answering the same questions over and over again and it gets very tiresome.

    There is a fully integrated chat client on this site. You can join and add as many people as you want if you want to have banter.

    Ultimately, this site isn't that big so it doesn't get used.

  • @calum you have a point

  • @irongamer727 I mean it's annoying enough as it is, you get these one hit wonders asking very trivial things that could have been found if they bothered to search for it lol.

    But by all means, let me know of any ideas you might have.

    I've got a few to boot as it is.

    • Hall of Fame

      • Each user submits a photo

      • The photo is attributed to their account

      • The photo gets ranked and there is a leaderboard

    • Members Garage

      • Seen this on another forum

      • Users can register past and present vehicles to a database

      • Allowing new and old members to find them and see how they're getting on

      • Nothing sensitive, but you can add as little or as much detail as you like

    • Exploading Diagrams

      • We had the whole lot on the old forum

      • But they were just fixed PNG's

      • The ones I have made make them infinitely scalable allowing you to see the item in maximum zoom.

    • Technical blogs

      • I want to create a place where technical blogs can be posted

      • Not open to commenting or critique, but a place where someone can go into great detail about a particular project.

  • This post is deleted!

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