Stolen recovered advise

  • @terry-tz Be interesting to see what the crack is with my DT. It was stolen for less than 24 hours. But nothing went through insurers or what. Shame if it's been black marked as it's better than new now. Also I know bikes that have not been stolen and seen more action.

  • @calum they did so much damage in 24hrs?

  • @stembridge_96 You can do a HPI check, which will tell you if the bike has anything recorded against it. 😉

  • @declan Yeah mate, it was totalled. Both rims bent beyond repair. The forks destroyed. Handle bars bent. Levers all broken. Engine ran with no oil. Fuel take smashed beyond economical repair. Panels destroyed. Frame bent.

    Oh and it squeak for no end! Properly annoying. I nursed it back to good health though. It's now enjoying retirement.

  • Surely if you had called the police when you spotted the ad for your stolen bike, the police would have had to recovered your bike for you for free wouldn't they?
    I unknowingly bought a stolen TS50 as a kid, the police took it off me, and the lad that I bought it from was told to give me my money back in installments (which he never did). I was totally gutted at the time, but at least the original owner got thier bike back.

  • @calum that’s crazy I can’t imagine being able to ride a bike that hard glad you got her back though

  • @declan Yes it was pretty guttering. Again fingered the person who done it with no response from the police. I was left to pay for the damage and they went on to steal another pride and joy the very next week. No comeuppance for their crimes.

  • @calum crazy isn’t it the damage they do to someone’s life and they just go on to do it to more people guarantee though if you were to kick him in they would arrest you

  • @declan Too right mate.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Unless the bike has had an insurance claim made on it, it wont be on the insurance catagoration register. It will however be marked as stolen on pnc if its been reported to the police as stolen and you dont tell them you have got it back. If you dont tell them soon as you tax it dvla will tell them as stolen bike has been taxed.

    What were you doing buying your own bike back anyway ? You should have went to see it, checked the frame number, walked away and rang the bizzyz and they would have got it back for free and removed the stolen marker from the pnc.