Dt 125r 1997 tuning need help

  • Cheers guys any recommendations for parts? I need new air filter the hose from the original is broke

  • @onewheelupuk the carb boot? I believe there’s Some on eBay

  • @declan Or can be had new from Yamaha

  • Well Iv got a 2003 dtr 125 and it does 85 mph even though it’s only got 80 on clock lol it’s never been rebored just standard size Athena racing piston in, full dep pipe, drilled air box and carb upjetted runs really well through all the gears acceleration is very responsive and sounds like a crosser due to airbox drilled best dtr Iv been on and had over the years. Where you from ????

  • @2003dtrdaz It's funny you say that cause the 2001-2004 DTR's were the worst. Absolute nightmare to derestrict, pretty sure you need to swap the CDIs out they're that bad.

    Sounds like yours has been tuned slightly, but bone stock they're poo. Obviously same engine as all the others so it's nothing permanent.

  • In my eyes the older dtr are the best ones to get upto 2003 as they stopped making them in 03 after then they are all wank mate thts my opinion anyway who needs electric start old school better than new any day, by the way my bike standard as they come cdi etc lol

  • Mines also fully deresticted if you know how it’s easy lol

  • @dtrdaz03 The RE's are by far the easiest to derestrict. It's the fact that up to 1999, the last DTR's were severely restricted, and not even derestricting them fixed that. You had to swap out the CDIs. The RE's was just earth the green and black wire plus an aftermarket pipe and that was it. Again you're limited to the capabilities built into the CDI. Once you swap out the CDI for an aftermarket one then you are golden no matter what year your bike was.

  • @dtrdaz03
    I have just got a 1995 dtr really nice bikes looking to tune it up now

  • the 2003 was easy to derestrict the standard 3rm-20 cdi I actually found very good. Restrictions were the standard exhaust and the reed switch in the back of the speedometer. They came with the powervalve from factory unlike some other years which I can't believe they did fit servos! Back when mine was 125cc it would destroy an 1990 DTR

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