Stuck seized pivot bolt

  • Hi all I’m new on here I’m trying to take swinging arm off my 2003 dtr125 and the pivot is completely seized Iv been trying to take it off now for about 4 weeks, I’m absolutely done in with it, Iv tried everything so any suggestions anyone ???? Iv got another swingarm bolt etc to put straight on Iv tried cutting it today but can’t get in anywhere it’s stuck in the engine rollers by the looks of things as Iv managed to cut both ends off nearest to frame so any ideas ???

  • @2003dtrdaz did you use an impact wrench to try and free it up and see if it'll spin

  • Yes sure did mate

  • There’s nothing I haven’t tried it’s beat me hahahaha where could I heat on it ???

  • If it's stuck in the engine have you tried loosening off the other engine mounts? Might give everything a little bit of wiggle room

  • Soaking it in penetration fluid, turning the bolt whilst hammering it out and applying heat to the rear of the cases. I've had this before and it's been a nightmare, but persistence is key.

  • Iv soaked and soaked it marra and also can’t turn bolt now due to me cutting both ends off today inside of frame using a electric saw so I guess il have to take shock off to give me a bit more room to see if I can get a grinder in I’m just worried I case a damage casing ??? Il have another Go tomorrow my head is farting hahaha

  • @finnerz89 il try tht in morning mate thx for input marra

  • Maybe you should get a hydraulic press and press it out.

  • @sgt-robuck-5 Yeah I was thinking bottle jack.

  • Try a thin cutting disc on an angle grinder and carefully cut either side of the engine, I have done it a couple of times, it's quick and easy

  • @fused thts what I was going todo today but can’t get in to it due to shock still been on the nut on shock rounded off so Iv been drilling it, banging, spraying with wd40 even heating it up now and then Iv been on with it for hours now not much further forward what a nightmare itis !!!!!🙏

  • @dtrdaz03 Yeah standard DTR to be fair. When they've spent their entire life being owned by younguns that is. Luckily my DT came apart nicely, but quite a few members have had issues. I remember old time member NEV used to soak these sorts of components in Coke Cola for a few days.

  • Happened to me , not a nice experience. My bearings was rotten , seized and I've had to drill, mill and chisel it horribly , then remove the engine with swingarm out of the frame (together) then after long fight I cut it with angle grinder . All that after week of beating with sledge hammer , soaking in hot and cold oils , torch etc etc . Hopefully never again 😆

  • On my first DT after several days of trying to remove the bolt, I eventually got it to budge by doing a continuous heat cycle on it, and going at it with a club hammer and drift. When you thinks it got to be hot enough by now...give it another couple of minutes with the blow torch.

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