Rear dog link bolt diameter

  • Hy Guys,
    Im abroad and cant access my bike right now. Been looking on the forum and found a .dxf file to make your own lowering links but the drawing says the holes are 15.5mm and then the txt in the post says the bolts are 16mm..?? obviously the bolt wont go through the hole. Could be that the head takes a 16mm socket but the actual diameter is 15 or 15.5mm diameter. Could anyone check for me if possible?? Grateful for a speedy reply to get the bike sorted for friday.


  • @desmodov I have a set of dog bones here and the bolt holes are 16mm, however they are not the original links. Not sure if that helps or not, but I would say that even if the bolts are 15mm the minor size difference would not make much of a difference overall.

  • @desmodov 'Water cut 7mm Stainless steel, I drew the pivots at 15.5mm to compensate for the distortion water cutting creates cutting through, essentially the water jet blasts through creating a slight taper on exit, it's like firing a cone shape rather than a straight beam.'

    They are 16mm Bolts, I then finished the surface, cutting with a 16mm Drill bit removing the 0.5mm interference so that you end up with the correct concentric diameter fit for bolt and Drop link.

    If you CNC, or Laser Cut, you will not need to do this due the correct tolerance with thicker material, ie over 6mm

    @NINJA Your mad, 1mm clearance is not acceptable for concentric fits under load here??

  • @darty said in Rear dog link bolt diameter:

    @NINJA Your mad, 1mm clearance is not acceptable for concentric fits under load here??

    Thanks for enlightening me!!! 🙂


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