High speed weave when backing off throttle.

  • After doing lots of mods to my engine on a slight downhill it will go of the clock in 5th gear and no idea what speed in 6th but when going flat out it gets a scary weave wobble when backing off throttle. To stop it have to go full throttle then straightens up then slow down gradualy. It happens instantly when going over 60-70mph and back of the throttle which is quite scary. Any ideas?

  • Make sure the basic is right, tires, tire pressure, balancing, bearings (wheel and stearinghead) ect.

  • Sounds very unusual, my DT was abit less stable with skiny tyres on enduro wheels, but with the SM wheels I can pull well off the clock in 6th then whip the clutch in and coast without any wobble. Check tyres and wheel bearings are good, maybe you head bearings need tightened aswell?

  • Starts to wobble at 70mph and greater when when I suddenly let off the throttle with the clutch engaged? As long as throttle is on, there is no wobble at all past 70mph, although the faster I go before I let off the more violent it gets.

    All bearings are fine as are swinging arm bearings, bushes etc. Tyres are
    bridgestone nobblies standard size.

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