Motorcycle transport/courier recommendations

  • Hi folks,

    I'm trying to get my DT shipped over from NI to Scotland in the coming weeks and have been searching around for reputable transport companies with a fair price. Looked into doing the job myself and boat tickets alone would cost me in excess of £300 without including fuel and other expenditure.

    So the short version is this: has anyone had their bike transported by a decent courier / are there any forum favourites for such a job that could be recommended?


  • It's an interesting one. I must admit, I'd be surprised if you'd get it less than doing it yourself. Unless someone does it in bulk.

  • @liquid-snake NI will be the tricky part, there are several on ebay but they mostly all only cover just the mainland. I had my MX 125 collected and delivered by this guy who was very reliable and accommodating;

    Message him and see what shakes, if not search ebay and check the operators feedback before contacting them. But be careful some charge by the mile and a lot will pick up a few bikes in a similar area, meaning bikes will be crammed into vans to minimise costs. Which sadly increases the risk of your new ride getting damaged en route. 😉

  • Honestly, I would recommend posting a job on SHIPLY.COM with the bike derails.

    If you aren't in a huge hurry they offer to might pick it up with a few other things and do it for as little as possible. Ive had a few bikes delivered through different shiply couriers. They're all insured and good handlers. They also have to compete against each others quotes, so garuntees a fair price!

  • +1 for shiply, I had my car delivered through them for a really reasonable price