Motorcycle transport/courier recommendations

  • Hi folks,

    I'm trying to get my DT shipped over from NI to Scotland in the coming weeks and have been searching around for reputable transport companies with a fair price. Looked into doing the job myself and boat tickets alone would cost me in excess of £300 without including fuel and other expenditure.

    So the short version is this: has anyone had their bike transported by a decent courier / are there any forum favourites for such a job that could be recommended?


  • It's an interesting one. I must admit, I'd be surprised if you'd get it less than doing it yourself. Unless someone does it in bulk.

  • @liquid-snake NI will be the tricky part, there are several on ebay but they mostly all only cover just the mainland. I had my MX 125 collected and delivered by this guy who was very reliable and accommodating;

    Message him and see what shakes, if not search ebay and check the operators feedback before contacting them. But be careful some charge by the mile and a lot will pick up a few bikes in a similar area, meaning bikes will be crammed into vans to minimise costs. Which sadly increases the risk of your new ride getting damaged en route. 😉

  • Honestly, I would recommend posting a job on SHIPLY.COM with the bike derails.

    If you aren't in a huge hurry they offer to might pick it up with a few other things and do it for as little as possible. Ive had a few bikes delivered through different shiply couriers. They're all insured and good handlers. They also have to compete against each others quotes, so garuntees a fair price!

  • +1 for shiply, I had my car delivered through them for a really reasonable price

  • As an update for this thread and any one in future needing a similar service:

    Had the bike delivered by DMT couriers who are based in NI, but also do mainland stuff. Bike was collected and delivered to my door at 7AM next morning for £200 all in. Very pleased with the service - the van has a proper tail lift too which took away the headache of unloading. The fee for the boat alone wouldve cost me the same as this entire service so the price was unbeatable.

    In summary, DMT come highly recommended from myself.

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