New owner ... yamaha dt125r 2001

  • Hello guys any suggestions before i put my bike into a bike shop?
    I have a dt125r which will kick over from cold tick over but as soon as you put her in gear she will not hold revs and die subsequently as i have given her throttle it will not start was running fine this weekend but this morning it had died and couldnt get to work anything i shouod check or do ??

  • Clutch plates excessively worn.

    If you have the bike in neutral and running.

    Push the bike down the road and then whilst rolling knock it into gear, can you ride it.

    If you can, then it's just the clutch that needs adjusting

  • @jamesrandall93 Welcome to the club. :thumbs_up_light_skin_tone:

  • @calum any idear how to adjust this please had to wake the other half up at 4am she was not too impressed lol

  • @jamesrandall93 Well first identify if it is the clutch.

    The clutch can be adjusted in three places. If the clutch was set up properly first, then the order of adjustment is.

    Clutch Perch lever
    Clutch Actuator Arm
    Clutch Push Rod

    The perch lever is the easiest. and is merely an adjustment at the lever. The knurly knobs on the end of the perch where the cable goes in is what I'm talking about.

    You merely adjust the cable until there is a few millimeter play on the lever and the clutch is disengaged when pulled in.

    If you've maxed out the adjustment on the lever, then reset it back and move on to the actuator arm.

    This is the two nuts on a threaded bar to the left of the cylinder. Again the adjustment is the same.

    If this is maxed out and it's still not improved, then you need to whip the clutch cover off and adjust the clutch from the pressure plates.

    Dismantle the clutch cover, drain oil and coolant. Then amend the locking nut and threaded bar till positive engagement and then slacken off. Again ensuring you reset the clutch arm and perch prior.

    If you still have no luck, then either, the push rods are worn, the ball bearing is worn, or the plates are worn.

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