Yamaha CS1 180 Parts Wanted

  • Starting a build soon which I've had sitting in a shed for nearly 5 years, I originally got given the bike for getting a couple scramblers running for a friend of my dads when I was 13, the bike had been parked up and sat in a shed with nearly no roof for about 30 years. Got the bike home, fresh fuel, points cleaned, battery fitted and it started on the button, run beautifully but everything is absolutely rotten!
    My teenage self didn't last long working on the project and it sat untouched outside under a tarp for about three years, then a couple years ago I moved her into a shed. Came to it last weekend and was shocked when I threw a fuel tank on and connected the battery lead back up, that the bike fired up on the button once again, battery hasn't even been charged for god knows how long!
    Rode the bike around for a while and it runs buttery smooth, I've never heard an AC 2 stroke so quiet mechanically, but it still has a weird problem when it reaches temperature and gets revved up while riding, top end develops a bad rattle on the right hand cylinder, as if the rings are catching ports. My plan is to dig the engine out over the next month and strip it on the bench to see what's going on, while I'm at it will see what parts are good on the frame, as far as I can tell it's all good frame wise and wiring, but all the panels, wheels and tank are ROTTEN, completely unsaveable
    In the state the bikes in I'd generally just sell it on, but since having the bike from a young age it means a lot to me, it's also the same bike my dad had at 17 and his favourite all time bike. I'll be up for my A2 later this year so would be great to be able to ride this bike next summer

    All parts wanted but seem so rare, someone's got to have some parts for these laying around?? Tank is needed desperately atleast

  • @glynn123 Cool story, good luck finding a tank mind you!

  • @calum cheers mate, after regular searches over the past few years on eBay, just seeing the same dented, rusty pieces for sale in America, I haven't got high hopes but worth a try haha

  • @glynn123 nothing broke can't be fixed. Might want to look at a sheet metal fabricator...

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