Engine bogging in 6th gear??

  • Hi I'm new to this site and have just got myself a 2001 dt125r the bike is in great condition and I'm really enjoying it so far. I have a slight problem the bike has been fully de restricted, the power valve is set up properly and working a treat. I can see under the clocks the cables have been cut and joined and it has had a full dep exhaust put on. It goes through the gears lovely up to 5th (doing about 100kmp) as soon as I put it into 6th the engine sounds as if it gets deeper and bogging. The bike then starts to loose power and speed as soon as I go back to 5th it's perfect again. Can anybody help me on this as I'm really stuck?

    Many thanks

  • @Lewisf5755 Yo yo welcome.

    Might be your sprocket sizes first, sounds very similar to my old setup. Had a small sprocket on the front which really limits the available torque into 6th on anything but a long flat road.

  • What sprockets did you have? Do you know what ones I would need? Thanks

  • @Lewisf5755 16T Drive sprocket and 57T rear are Original spec. Very good standard gearing, I liked it on the road.

  • Thank you Darty! That would have been my first point of call!