Loss of power

  • So I was out for a ride, pulled away from lights and bike would rev to and past power band, without activating the pv. Its also giving off a strange exhaust note, as if something is blocking it. I assume pv problems but u guys reckon looking elsewhere?

  • @DevonDtr Sounds like a power valving issue to me , sounds like it's now stuck in the closed position you should take the expansion chamber off and have a look

  • Snapped cable?

  • Literally not being funny but it is hard to tell if you're genuine or not.

    You don't seem to contribute and post really vague questions asking for help. That's fine if you need help, but you need to be more specific.

    Saying it revs but lost power could be loads of things. I could go on but that would be pointless.

    My suggestion would be grab a haynes manual and have a crack at fixing it.

    If you can't do that then maybe take it to a shop.

  • No, just trying to explain the problem. It sounded like something was stuck, eg the pv but I thought I would ask here first as being a first time dt owner I can't really tell, and long time dt owners might be able to point out something simple I might have missed. Anyway, turns out it was snapped cable on pv pulley. P's. I don't post Much simply because I dont have the knowledge to help others yet

  • Awesome glad you fixed it.

    The thing is this isn't really a place to just out right ask people how to fix your bike. We all have jobs, some people are mechanics and this information is their lively hood, what they make their money.

    It isn't always about helping people. It's a place to meet like minded individuals who have a passion for bikes, in particular the dt. Get involved with the conversation, or start new ones, there is more to forums than us diagnosing faults with your bike.

    Anyway, I am sceptical because of what happened to the last forum. We had a mint forum with lots of interesting people on it. Then a spammed ruined it by posting really silly helpless questions under multiple accounts.

  • Thats fair enough, and I will try to keep questions to a minimum 🙂

  • @DevonDtr Or join in with the banter

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