• Hey fellow dtr owners haha 😂 I have a problem with my dtr had it about 2 months but only been riding it for 2week and I have had nothing but problems first was head gasket sorted that and I know it's a 2stroke high maintenance but I started blowing 2plugs a day so I disconnected the 2stroke pump and premixed it and since I have done that when I'm riding down the road it starts to splutter and now and again I can push through it other times I have to stop turn the bike off by the ignition turn back on and problem sorted untill it dose it again sometimes it won't do it for 20/30 mins other times it dose it it dose it again in 5 any suggestions much appreciated I love the bike but getting to the point I'll get rid haha thanks in advance

  • Disconnecting the pump is never going to be a fix.

    If you want the bike running sweet as a nut, then get it back to standard.

    Just because it's a two stroke doesn't mean it's high maintenance. The DTR's a pretty low maintenance and should serve you will in the correct tune.

    There sounds like an underlying issue here that you need to resolve, disconnecting the pump isn't it.

  • @Calum I've always been told to take the pump off and premix just in case the pump shits its self haha

  • @giles well its not ideal yamaha diddnt put one on there for no reason. as callum said they are pretty reliable ive never had a pump fail on a dt yet .... i would start by cleaning the carb reconnecting the pump and checking intake for leaks ... and check plug gap ect ect do all of the obvious things first

  • When the pump was connected it was draining the 2stroke tank writhing 3 days and I don't buy cheap 2stroke and fouling 2/3 plugs a day

  • If you think the pump is at fault replace or you can get rebuilt for around £50. Comes back as new. As Calum said underlying issue needs to be resolved. Have you cleaned the carb and set it up? Too good a bike to get rid of, or I will take it off your hands for a nominal fee😁

  • @oldman I have cleaned the carb it's clean now just need to find out how to set carb up properly

  • @giles start with the mixture screw all the way in and then undo it 1 and a quater turns out ..... then with the engine warm turn in or out slightly untill the revs are at the highest then turn the tickover down to match ...

  • Might sound stupid but what one is the mixture screw ?

  • @giles the mixture screw is the smallest one sat in the hole in an angle on the side ...... the bigger one with the adjuster on it is the tickover screw .... hope this helps