• I’m thinking about selling my dt125re
    But what are they actually worth I don’t want to loose on any money tbh as the funds are going towards my next project.

    But what would people actually want to pay ?

    This is the bike in question it’s got mot it runs rides and ticks over nicely
    But it’s not perfect needs a few bits but nothing major ?
    Any offers would be great I paid £1900 and spent a few ££££ getting it right ?

  • Not a great picture but I know I wouldn't go under 2k. You should get back your 1.9k at least. Have a look what they are going for around the market and decide a price for yourself.

  • 2K was my lowest but looking on eBay they seem really expensive varying from 2.5K to 3.5K just didn’t want someone to snatch it and me miss out on the extra cash

  • Not being rude at all but I'm doubtful it would fetch over 2k, that's high price for a DT that would actually sell. Anything over is either a rare varient, super low miles or completely original DTR. Later RE and X models generally aren't worth as much and really only see them selling at a tops of 2k.

  • @Glynn123 I hate to concur, but I concur.

    2k+ is pushing it for an RE. I let it slide because I haven't been in the market for one in such a long time.

    It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

    If it's mint, then yeah maybe you will get that for it.

  • Thanks for all the advice. I have advertised the bike for 2.3K with offers not been ignored I have someone coming this weekend he’s offering 2.1K wether he’s shows or not is a different matter
    Not in a rush to sell still unsure but if the right price is paid then maybe

    But thanks for your honesty 👍🏻

  • @BraDT I for one would love to see you get top dollar for it, just means that our bikes are going up in value, well not mine lol.

  • If I get 2.1k this weekend I’ll be happy but sad to see it go there so much fun and having a look about at dtre there not many under 2k if any at all. But will keep posted on what it sells for @Calum

  • Definetely let us know what it sells for etc, maybe me and Calum are behind the times haha

  • @Calum @Glynn123 So the lad came 😂 and that was about it he was very “gangster” he had bare money and wanted a brand new dt told me I wouldn’t get anymore then 1K as it wasn’t clean enough for his rep so he told me. I’m going to get the bike through next MOT and if it doesn’t sell by Christmas it’s just gunna sit and gather dust.

    This guy put me off selling the bike I haven’t got time to deal with wannabe gangster lol and dreamers

    I’m selling a few bits off the bike to fund replacing other things on the bike

    Full dep system for sale and open to offers
    Got a few other bits I will make the right thread/post also a few power tools if anyone interested

  • @BraDT He's dreaming for 1K.

    Yeah I hate selling vehicles. Better off to dismantle them and store them in your wardrobe 😄

  • Best idea I’ve heard so far 😂 don’t think the missus will be happy to find bits in her knicker draw tho @Calum

  • @BraDT No that's not really fair. But as a man, you only need to items of clothing, your wife beater vest and some shorts. With the space you save you can get many a bike in there.

  • @BraDT yeah man I really don't miss selling bikes, I really feel for those who have to deal with these nobs daily. In between all the lowball offers with no sidechat, basically texting you from a random number stating "500" when you've got it listed for £1250, or my favourite "400 come tonite"
    Even if you can get people to come view, it's rare nowerdays to get a genuine buyer, I know when my DT eventually goes it'll have to be to a good home, it's been so finely looked after since I got it so it's got a lot of sentimental value, couldn't see a chav ragging it to and from college without ever maintaining or cleaning.

  • @Glynn123 Forums are a good place to sell bikes as you are targetting enthusiasts

  • @Calum very true, that'll be what I'll do id say, got my eyes on some big 4t SM bikes right now but can't part with the Dt yet 😅
    Thinking of doing A2 in Autumn and keeping the DT without L plates until I'm ready to move on 😂

  • @Glynn123 Worth doing your bike test even if you don't upgrade. CBT is a joke.

  • @Calum yeah definetely, also my Romeu pipe melted half my L plate on some tight country roads 😂

  • @Glynn123 More of a reason to get doing your test.

  • Sooo it’s sold pending delivery but a deposit has been paid and it’s going to Barry in Wales next weekend but I’ll be glad to tell you all I advertised the bike for 2.1K and got £1975 not to bad made my money back but it’s going to a 17 year old with lots of mummy and daddy money 😂 first question was how fast does it go 😂 the youth off today