Brake problem

  • So yesterday i was out riding, i parked my bike for like an hour and when i came back there was no resistance on the rear brake, no pressure. When i came home i bled the rear caliper and topped up with brake fluid, and then i noticed that the piston wouldn't move more than 0,5cm (about 0,18 inches?) There is no resistance when i push the pedal whatsoever, so i guess it may be a leakage? Is this common on the DT's? Any ideas?

  • Sounds like your brake fluid is leaking, guess you'll have to find the leak and fix it. When you pumped the pressure up did the piston move all the way? Did you notice a leak anywhere?

  • @Minia no thats the problem it doesn't go all the way

  • @Bananper Check all your lines and look for evidence of a leak, if it isn't from your master cylinder or hydraulic lines then dismount your brake caliper and check it over.

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