Alternative rear shock options DT125R

  • So I'm thinking about changing the rear shock on my DTR now and was wondering if anyone knows of any good alternative crosser ones that should fit with minimum modification? I've been looking at the YZ 125 rear shock closely as I want something that will be good in the off road department! All suggestions welcome not sure a YZ 125 rear shock would fit anyone know?

  • Been tried many times. I was always under he impression that the gas canister fouled the frame or airbox.

    A DT230 Lanza Shock will fit.

    The gas canister is located away from the shock next to the powervalve asembly.

    Can't comment on their off road ability.

    I remember seeing replacement shocks for some dollar. Whilst the photos looked funky, I am pretty sure they are only replacements.

  • Nothing will bolt right in, except DT200R -DT230 Lanza units, But they are still underdamped little pogo sticks.

    WR200 linkage with a later YZ/KX/RM/TM/CR etc shock works, but you would still need a custom top mount bearing/spacer to fit it properly and lower mount spacers in general, then you can run into clearance issues with the 'highboy' stinger exhaust design,

    Fitting a Doma' KTM LC2 exhaust with a later MX tail pipe, CRs fit okay, is a way round this Still need some plumbing work on the joint tho. Or stick a YZ system on there.. but not sure of any gains in that, and they need modified mounts.

    I've thought about this for ages... you can make nearly anything fit with a little modification,

  • Thanks @Calum , @Darty Thanks mate great advice as usual definitely something to think about doing then! Going have a little look on eBay later and see what's going about as I guess your right in saying that with some modification you can make anything fit the bike more or less 😁! I just really hate the rear shock on the DT it's definitely a pogo stick when off road lol

  • I don't know about off road, but I swear the re shock isn't that bad. That said haven't been on my bike in over 15 months so can't remember.

  • @Calum Maybe the DTRE shock has been improved in some way?or maybe my DTR rear shock is just crap lol. Been looking at a 88 yz125 shock £25 looks like it would fit easier with some modification than the new models rear shock so might pick it up! Checked out the DT 200 shock and some others but there an absolute fortune some are going for £200 ish with postage so I don't know if I could justify forking that kind of cash out for one.

  • @Biker_123 Just copy me 😉 , YZ490 shocker was the better option

    Must admit, the DT is not bad offroad in standard trim, but depends how good you are.. The faster you go the more you really think about how much better it could be.

    But save some money and get a EXC/WR or EC 200!! Better weapons

  • @Darty I totally forgot you changed the rear shock over! Result .. I'll have a look out for a YZ 490 shock on eBay later could be exactly what I'm after 😃. Will any YZ 490 be ok or was there a particular year?

  • @Biker_123 haha yeh man,

    Well I only got a YZ490 shocker because I couldn't find a 86-88' YZ250 rear shocker, but they are the same just the 490 has a stiffer spring. Look for a 86-'88' YZ shock, the 125 version is a bit smaller, you might aswell stuff the bigger boys damper in there.

    Fun fact, Yamaha were partnering with Ohlins back then and they helped design the shocks for the YZ range 86-88. They were pretty good apparently back then, but that was 30 years ago! Still these are far better than the Standard DT shock.

    28 compression settings with 25 Rebound settings. I hooked the B.A.S.S system up, just about, but never tested it extensively. Cool tho. it's plush on chop and smooth in the mid stroke. I couldn't bottom it out on the trail.

    Check out Pulp MX - I'm 80s,90s MX obsessed

  • Thanks for that @Darty you seriously have so much information about all this stuff it's scary but in a good way of course haha! it's really cool how you know what will fit the DT and what won't etc Learning something new about bikes on here everyday 😁 will have a read at that link interesting stuff ! I love the older mx bikes myself definitely more aggressive than some of today's more modern stuff

  • @Biker_123 Sound, I just read alot. Been into these Yamaha's for a while and yeh classic 2strokes all the way.

  • We used to have a lifetime Yamaha mechanic on the forum who could tell you specific part numbers and everything. Some people really know their stuff.

  • @Calum Seriously! now that would have been handy to have someone about like that haha. It fascinates me just how much you can learn from these kinds of forums everyone on here specifically that I've encountered is so knowledgable including yourself I kinda feel like I can't go wrong with my dt's now I've landed on here the wealth of information is great.

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