Tzr 4dl vs dt 125 r

  • What is the differences between the two engines? I have one of both and i want to fix the 4dl engine with the parts from the dt. The parts i will be taking from the dt (if they fit) is the crankshaft, connecting rod

  • Same engine isn't it? I believe it states the model year of the engines and their model names as well in the haynes manual for the tzr and dtr. Unfortunately I've not got the manual with me but you can probably find it online, it should have all the details you're looking for if you're trying to find a difference in them.

  • Nothing worth taking from the 4DL in my opinion. Better off spending the money on your DTR engine.

  • Get hold of a genuine 3nc or 3py model code early dtr same bike, both were made by mbk in france for sale in france and Italy. Ive got a mint 91 3nc mine kicks in at 6500 then has a second hit at 10000 and bounces off 12000 all day. Flies off the clock with ease, sounds like a yz even with the standard pipe. They come up on ebay now and again, snap one up if you find one. Im keeping mine its the quickest bone stock dtr ive ever riden, also comes with decent paiolli suspension front and rear standard. I had never really rode this dtr so i rode to a small local bike show 2 Friday nights ago last one of the summer, it was then after she had warmed up i discovered this thing turn into a proper flying screamer lol.

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