• Is there anything that can be done to the head to improve the performance of the motor? I've had a look through a few topics but can't see anything, just asking as my heads off to check the bore and piston and to get the plug hole helicoiled.


  • Yeah. The head is where the majority of the power is made. So yes. you can have the head reworked to alter the squishband.

    Really you need to speak to a tuner to understand what it is you're after, where you want the power to be made and what ignition setup you're running.

  • Many thanks, do you know anyone reliable and proven I could contact?

    Got a DEP system and Zeel CDI, only looking for it to pull a bit harder not rev higher, make it more usable on the road.


  • @Bluestoesonnose You can get the engine ported and tuned to make more power in the mid range, rather than peak power.

    Again, speaking to a tuner will be able to highlight what needs to be done.

    I don't know if he's still knocking about, but Mick Abbey might be able to help.

    When I spoke to him last, he provided free consultation, then I sent the barrel, powervalve and head off to him to work his magic. But he said it would be pointless without an aftermarket ignition system.

  • Cheers, I'll call around and see if its cheaper than a big bore kit