Weird Oil change issue. HELP!

  • Hi,

    Not too sure if im just being abit dumb here and missing something but ive just drained the oil out of the gearbox. 750ml as expected and now gone to top it back up and its already showing the correct level in the window after only putting 250ml back in. Someone please shine some light on to wtf’s going on here 😂. I expect a little bit less until i run it abit and then have to check the oil level again but 500ml out of 750ml? Surely im missing something here aha

    Thanks in advance 👍🏼

  • Water impeller seal can go and leak between the two. Is the oil creamy?

  • @Calum
    No the oil was fine. Just cant seem to wrap my head around why before i dumped the oil it was at the correct level in the window. I dump the lot which equates to 750ml. I then top it back up to the correct level in the looking glass again and it only took 250ml to do so?
    I expect it to take a little less before running the engine again then checking the level and topping up if needs be but surely 500ml missing out of the required 750ml is abit much? I dont paticularly want to run it with just 250ml in if you know what i mean

  • @CalDT125 Just put 750ml in there bud. Don't use the oil sight glass.

  • @Calum yeah i was thinking that. Because i know what came out and i know what needs to go back in. Its just confused me slightly 😂. Chances are it will just drop back to the correct level anyway i guess if i put the other 500ml in.
    I hope 🙄

  • @CalDT125 If in doubt, dump it all out. Lean the bike over to ensure it comes out of the gearbox.

    Then refil.

  • @Calum
    Again? But ive only just done that 😂. I’ll just put about 400ml in there and run it for a min then see what the level is saying. Then put the extra 100 or whatever it needs to bring it up. Im just guessing theres a massive 500ml air pocket somewhere that isnt wanting oil. Either that or the looking glass is taking the piss aha

  • It takes exactly 750ml. So you can dump it out into a contain and measure it back to 750ml. Won't matter if it's the same oil. Don't need fresh stuff.

  • @Calum well its a fresh litre bottle so i know exactly whats already gone in anyway and i know exactly how much old oil come out. I’ll just put the other 2 thirds in and run it for abit and see what happens 🤷🏼♂

  • if you go to wilkinsons you can get a plastic measuring jug for about 70p then you know exactly how much you are putting in

  • @dan28 AAAHHHH good ole Wilko to the rescue. :thumbs_up_medium-light_skin_tone:

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