• This is my gransons pw50 (now a 60cc) rebuilt engine with all new seals, stripped and cleaned shaft drive, new cables all round and carb ultrasonic cleaned (rough!), new 60cc barrel and piston, exhaust new, loom connections cleaned and protected. Pulls my fat arse around the garden, definitely fitting restrictor as grandson has habit of trying to reach top speed everywhere.

  • My first bike hehe!

    I had a pw50 when I was 4 from the 80s in the good old red and white, absolutely cracking bike for a kid. Never let me down, I remember selling it after it had been stored for probably a good 8 years or so, took it out one day and I started it first kick after so long! Fantastic bike, sold it for £150 what a mistake that was... I really regret selling it to be honest.

    Your grandson will have a heck of a time on it no doubt!

  • He's had a go around the garden and was going faster and faster and faster, called a halt while I fit throttle restrictor and take him to my mates garden where there's more opportunity to tear up someone else's lawn. He was well chuffed, got to start them early!