DT 200 wr(3xp) wiring loom on dtr125

  • Been trying to source a decent wiring loom for one of the DTR's I could repair the current one as its all there but no idea how to Un-Hotwire it although I've not really tried! I've came across a dt200wr(3xp) wiring harness which is 100% complete so was wondering if anyone knows if this loom would be suitable and connect up to the DTR 125? Also would an ignition barrel from a DT work with it 🤔? Thanks

  • I wouldn't know, it would be a shame to do what I am going to suggest, but in the eed for projects.

    Try and remember there isn't anything substantial to wiring looms. If you have to modify it to fit then it'll be the odd plug here and there a switch and some lights...

  • @Biker_123 Depends what year the DT125R is, if it's the older 3BN models with the same type generator then possibly, that's if it was a a (3ET) DT200R loom. A (WR200) 3XP- (4BF) is similar but I don't know much about the Powervalve motors on them.

    The ignition barrel is the same for the 200s as the older DTs

    Also the WR200 runs a capacitor, minor difference over the DT

    No 200R loom will work on the newer 3RM- DT's 99' onwards

    Try and fix what you already have for sure

  • It's a tough choice weither to buy and try the DT/WR loom or try and fix what I have it's definitely near enough all there I think but when I had a look at it a few days ago I couldn't for the life of me work out where it's bypassed to work without an ignition barrel but i guess I'll try and follow the wiring diagram again and have a look at one of the complete looms I have and go from there as this daytime mot is annoying me 🙂

  • @Biker_123 Hang in there fo sho, it will be a very simple fix. I'm on a Daytime Mot for the first time ever and now the days are longer it is a little niggle. I don't have a headlight wired in atm either :L

    I need a new enduro ! I'm done with old steel for now.. Can't do a proper build without another running 2stroke in my life

  • @Darty Will do and hopefully your right and it's a simple fix 😬 the looms still on back to front so that's not making matters any easier lol! Planned to put it in the right way round but got lazy ☺️. I didn't know you where on a daytime mot at the moment to! I guess with it being lighter at night for the coming few months it does help I'm just paranoid without a brake light not to mention I've been stopped twice now with the bike even though it's all on the road some cops definitely dont light no lights haha .. Kinda knew I would get some stick from the cops with it

  • @Biker_123 Yeah definitely need a brake light on there, I do not trust any drivers on the road anymore. I still use hand signals with indicators on, it's saved me a bunch of times now! People are stupid..

    All black DTR with no lights... haha I can see that getting annoying, Just don't put any numbers on it, Police seem attracted to hunt down the scent of cut acrylic numbers on motorbikes around me.

  • What year is the loom? I'll have a look at a wiring diagram and let you know which wires you need for the ignition barrel and hopefully un hotwire it. However the main ignitions wires seem to be Red and Brown, so disconnecting those two should effectively stop it running and connecting the black cable to the black and white. Atleast that's what the ignition switch does when you turn it off, also there are some others that it connects in regards to lighting. If you wish i'll upload the haynes diagram and keys for you to have a flick through if you don't have access?

  • @ConnorDTR Thanks mate very very helpful! I'm not sure what year the loom is I'll have a check tomorrow when i have access to the bike again but the bikes a 2001 model but electrics aren't its strong point it was running 2 cdi's at one point lol!! I have the Haynes manual but I'm honestly clueless mate 😊 is it possible when you have time to upload the diagram and maybe point out what I'm looking for as I'm desperate to get this thing sorted? . Thank you mate

  • @Biker_123 Yeah i pointed out that it had two of them on aha, show me which cdi and what type of stator it is. But i'm fairly sure you're running the same kind of year loom that i am. A nice old one with a small CDI, stator with the 3 coils in it and a 3 wire powervalve? I'll be able to tell you which colour wires etc go into the ignition switch as that's all that really turns the bike off. Electrics are easy once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to read wiring diagrams in no time pal

  • @ConnorDTR Yes that's right mate you did clock on to the x2 CDI issue first lol remember now and yep it's the small CDI box I'am running now I think your probably right it's a similar set up to your bike 🙂

  • Alright well i'll grab a few photos of my bikes igntion plug and the diagrams in the haynes manual tomorrow, the wires usually exit by the front of the loom but god knows where they've been taped up to