Forum Database Migration & General Upgrades

  • Hello,

    Due to the recent instability issues we were having over the last few months, it's been decided that we will migrate the database from one system to another.

    I plan on making some changes to the server over the next few months, and migrating the database will be the first of many changes. The new database may impact on performance, but it's a necessary upgrade to improve the stability.

    To compensate for this fact, I've just ordered a new faster system to host the server on, as well as a new HDD to store the data to.

    @Arite Has created the necessary scripts to back the data up. He also has the complete works of the old forum saved locally which he's going to give me.

    The plan will be to create a new READ ONLY forum at which will house all of the old Forum on the same server as the new one. Meaning we should be able to make direct links from this site to that site.

    I also plan to move the forum from to

    This is accommodate the new features that will be found at

    This is going to be a massive migration as all links currently pointing at the original location will have to move. As well as any Google index's will have to be recached, meaning we will most likely revert back down on the Search engine lists.

    My plan today will be to stop the forum for a few hours whilst I migrate the database.

    When the new server arrives, I will work to get that working over Christmas, with a plan to have a new site in the new year.

    Expect a server outage for a few hours today whilst the migration occurs. There is a lot to migrate and I can't be having any new content being written whilst the migration is in process. So the forum will be offline.

    If all goes well, this should be back up and running on the new database by tomorrow.

    Kind Regards,


  • Okay, well that didn't work. After wasting 5 hrs and migrating over half a million keys, it crashed.

    So will have to try again another time.


  • Thanks Calum, appreciate the effort

  • @oldman Yeah didn't work lol. Waste of my Saturday and my computer was hammered at like 600% CPU all day 😞

  • @Calum I wish I could understand any of that lol

  • @declan Welcome to the club dude!!! 😉

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