Bar bends ? On dtr

  • If anyone else has fat bars on there dt what bend did you buy what feels comfortable its hard to buy on ebay without looking and i want to go with pro taper but the bends are explained on a chart which diddnt really help much without seeing them on the bike ..

  • Oooff, didn't look into that at all.

    I went with Ricky Carmichal Pro Tapers I believe. With some generic fat bar risers and was very pleased.

    Just need to make sure you have enough cable length, and or, the cables can be routed appropriately.

  • Cheers cal I'll go with that as its been tried and tested I've just ordered some Carmichael bends and the pro taper matching adapters lets hope it all fits ok 🙂 will add pics 🙂

  • @stinkwheeler I went for the Contour fat bars with Windham bend for my MX. The easiest way to convert the charts is to compare them to your riding style, the bike's usage and how tall you are. If you look at the charts the 2 most key factors are overall height and sweep. The difference between overall height and rise determines how steep an angle the hand grip area is. A bigger difference means a more steeper angle hand grip area , a lower difference means a flatter hand grip area. This will affect you riding position as a higher sweep actually turns your wrists inwards slightly, which can be uncomfortable on longer rides and a high sweep will also increase wrist fatigue.

    Do you like to ride low leaning towards the tank? If yes then a shallower sweep will make this more comfortable. Or do you prefer to sit back and be more upright? If yes then a bigger sweep will give you that chopper style riding position. I raced BMX bikes during my teens and went on to mountain bikes as I got older and I always preferred the flattest bend bars with the lowest sweep. I personally find this the most comfortable and this bend suits my riding style and height. It's a personal choice of course, but from my experience a set of bars with flat hand grip areas and a low sweep are the most comfortable and actually help relieve the pressure on your wrists. Which is why I picked to Contour Windham bars, as they have the best bend to suit my riding style. 😉

  • @stinkwheeler Here's my Contour bars for ya;






  • Oh what 😯 they look smart and i like the bend too .... kinda wish i haddnt rushed out and bought the others .... i got the evo mag Carmichael bends in the end they were an extra 30 quid over the contours so hopefully they will look ok 😑 a bit nervous though lmao

  • @stinkwheeler Don't like them send them back.

    alt text

    Just to give you an idea what they look like on a DT.

  • I prefer the Contours myself, but hey each to their own. 😉

  • @NINJA That's funny, I think I prefer the Aprilia over the Yamaha as well.

    Don't get me wrong, adore my DT. Fantastic bike, but that Aprilia though. If I could have afforded one, I would have gotten one. But then I'd never have joined this forum so...

  • @Calum Well you already have an Aprilia sports bike, so you're nearly there. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    Both bikes and their pros and cons, but I would agree with ya about the Aprilia over the Yamy.

    And I would have happily kept my DTR if it was easy to upgrade the brakes, suspension and SuMo it. But instead I decided to start over with my MX 125, as that was already a Supermoto and therefore had less mods to do. Your next project could be an MX 125, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you are eyeing up a KTM SuMo??? 😉 😉

  • @NINJA No, next bike will be another Aprilia for sure.

  • See i completely disagree there I've owned 2 rs 125s one 123 engined chesterfeild and a 122 spains no1 a dtr and a dtx 125 ..... and for me personally its all about the dtr ...... the rs is faster yes definitely. but both about the same with reliability rs parts are more expensive its alot more difficult to work on its so uncomfortable if your doing 30 odd miles a day to work it gave me the worst back pain but im 6ft 😂 and its little and i dont really find the rs has any usable power under 8k really there a bit all or nothing a bit balls to the wall or nothing at all ..... as where the dt is more usable as a daily and it's pretty comfortable for a trail bike .... but thats my opinion i guess it all depends on what you use it for ..... and i really like both of the bars so i shall see what they look like fitted i deffinatly prefer the black bars though 🙂

  • @stinkwheeler I think that argument could be made between any sports bike vs a Supermoto. As I said earlier it's all down to riding style, usage and the riders height. Which probably explains the popularity of SuMo's, Ie. sports bike handling (to an extent), with a more comfortable riding position. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :winking_face: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • @stinkwheeler I was strictly speaking MX125. Not RS. RS is a cracking bike for the summer weather on the weekend to rip around B roads. MX can do that and still be a good daily. Just like the DTR, but packs a far superior punch.

  • @Calum said in Bar bends ? On dtr:

    @NINJA No, next bike will be another Aprilia for sure.

    RS 250 by any chance??? 😉 😉

  • I have a video of me and my mate on his mx 125 and the dt is faster all round the frame is much nicer on the mx and the build quality is far better on the mx ... but even with the mx having a 34mm carb and vforce it still stood no chance against the dt with a skimmed head and reeds .....

  • @stinkwheeler post a link please. 😉

  • @NINJA That's the plan.

  • @Calum I knew it was either a KTM or an RS 250, I will look forwards to viewing your next adventure - TBC.......................

  • @NINJA Got more important things to buy first. Gotta get a house first.

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