Yamaha dtre 125cc 2006 help

  • @Calum Sorry I didn't realize! Thank you for the help seems like you have solved my problem, will do exactly what you have said tomorrow, will keep posted on this forum on how it goes and if the issue has been solved or still continues! Many thanks!!

  • @Sergioo Before cutting the loom, double check. Throw a photo up on here of the connector block. I'll know if it's the right one. Can't remember exactly how many wires went into it. But it will be really obvious.

    Take the headlight cowl and headlight out. There are a bunch of connector blocks, it's one of those. If in doubt, leave enough room to resolder the wires back together.

  • Definitely 4 in mate, and 3 out. I put a ring terminal on mine and earthed to the frame. Same thing. Black with a green stripe

  • @finnerz89 I remember doing this day one when I got the bike and I literally didn't feel a difference. Earthed to the frame.

    Years later when I got the Zeel, I rode that for a few months, then it went faulty. So I reverted back to the stock CDI and I was gobsmacked how bad the stock CDI was, no wire earthed since this isn't required for the Zeel.

    Earthed that wire and it made such a difference. Got the Zeel back and again instantly noticed the difference.

  • @Calum definitely transforms the bike. Changing the gearing helps as well, I'm 1 tooth smaller on the front sprocket. Revs really nice now. Might get around to the zeel one day

  • @finnerz89 You'd probably be able to go up a tooth with the zeel and it still be quicker. As I always say, it's more the mid range that I noticed.

  • @Calum I found the connector block and the wire has already been cut! I follow where it has been reconnected and for some reasonit's been connected up to the black cable on the headlight??

  • @Sergioo I still have this problem.. the restriction wire has already been earthed so it can't be that. The bikes runs fine till 2nd gear about to hit the powerband half way through then sounds like it's choking. I have checked for air leaks and don't have any. changed carb plus reeds so can't be that either! Please help I'm running out of ideas and it's bugging me

  • The fact you said you pinned the valve and it was all perfect, tells me it's the valve.

    Don't line the valve up with the hole. Line the valve up so it's flush with the exhaust port.

    Make sure that the YPVS motor is in the open position before aligning it. If it's not, then it will merely close when it wants to open.

    Sort the valve out. The green black wire, returned to the negative terminal of the battery is all you'll need for it to be full power. Simple job.

  • hi guys, i'm from italy, sorry for my bad english. i also have a 125 dt re 2006. i think something similar happened to me about 2 months ago, it was sounding and running like as the "magic wire" wasn't connected, i tried to disconnect and reconnect it but nothing changed. in the following weeks i canged the piston rings and now is as fast as before! i didn't changed also the piston because it was in really good conditions. i hope to help

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