• Hello guys I am having issues with my dtr125 I think I have a vm28 mikuni carb on it, my issue is it won't idle and bogs a little on bottom end I have had the Carb put in a sonic bath then clean with metal wires in all jets and passages ways, I am in need of help badly I would like to put it all back to stock, but would like to try and fix myself as I think it's something small

  • You should never clean jets with wire mate. That is a big no no. You use an air line to clean the jets up with.

    Sounds like the inlet tract needs some attention, make sure the snorkel and boost bottles are applied. Make sure there is no additional air being drawn in.

    Ensure all the jets are as they were out the factory and so long as the inlet is stock there should be no reason for it to bog.

    It may be miss firing due to tired electronics or fouled spark plug.

    Examining the colour of the spark plug will give you a good indication of how the engine is running which will advise you on how best to proceed.

  • try adjusting air/fuel mixture this should help mate i had a similar problem with mine so got it cheap he thought it had bad problem. i will probably get around to buying after market crab as mine has a small crack on the carburettor body i have my tick over screw screwed in
    all the way