• has anyone wired an ignitech cdi direct to your battery?.my one seems to be draining it.
    if i wire it to the ignition which wire would i splice into.its a 6 wire ignition and im guessing red or brown or is there another switched source i can tap into.

  • Why would you wiring it to the battery directly?
    Wire it to the ignition switch live terminals like the original CDI.

  • the ignitech has an extra wire to supply the power.

  • @admiral323 It must have a remote switch, and then a direct feed off the battery. I.E. it shouldn't be on all the time. Otherwise that will drain your battery?

    I'm not familiar with it, I just use Zeeltronic ignition system which is plug and play.

  • changed the battery thinking it was that but its done the same to the new so think it must be drawing power some how.
    im thinking of running the wire up to the ignition and splicing it into the brown wire.think that should cut the power to it from the ignition.does that sound right?

  • @admiral323 No idea. Doesn't sound right.

    I wouldn't be wiring the ignitech off the battery unprotected if I were you.

    You would want to run it off a switch line which is fuse protected to reduce the risk of damaging your equipment. If you're unsure then pay a professional to fit it, or ask Ignitech themselves. As said, I am not familiar with the system to provide any guidance.

  • yes asking ignitech probably the best idea.thanks for the replies.appreciated

  • @admiral323 just an update on this issue incase it helps anybody else.i spliced the red wire from the ignitech into the brown coming from the ignition and have never had a problem again