Power valve rotating one way then stopping

  • Can anyone help. DT200 turn on ignition nothing happens with the power valve, turn ignition off, manually rotate the valve, then turn on the ignition, it rotates to the same position each time, that's it. Managed to find a wiring loom, in Japanese, but can't seem to fix it. Found another cdi, in Greece, said it was working, plugged it in, nothing. Bought a DT125 servo, plug different but same wires, so manually connected each one, nothing. Anyone got any ideas ? Or know an expert, I'm near Petersfield in Hampshire.

  • @shally is one of the cables broken?

  • No both fine.

  • Could be the ECU that controls it.

    Is it integrated into the CDI on this machine. Some DTR's used outboard ECU's to control the servos.

    Either the servo is faulty, cables are faulty, there is excessive carbon build up in the powervalve area, or the ECU has gone faulty.

    Start simple, checking the cables and the servo. Make sure the valve is clean and can be operated by hand. Otherwise you could be looking at a new ECU.

    Failure to that, just pin the valve and have full power.

  • @Calum Power valve cam I have cleaned, spotless and it rotates freely. Cables all fine. Servo was tested by my mechanic, working fine he said. Sourced another servo from a 125, different connector, looked internally and wires go to the same places, same colour, so tried that, no good. I believe it is the CDI as well, so have sent it off today to a company to test and repair, hopefully that will be the problem. Would be nice to have it fully operational.

  • @shally Which company is doing the test & repair? Share a link if you have one please???