• Anyone know if their is a easy headlight bulb upgrade as mine are fucking dog shit commuting to work at 3:30am sometimes through fog and shit rain in winter the standard bulb just does not give enough light through the unlit roads .

  • @jamesrandall93 The DTR uses a P45T bulb fitment, which is quite rare and an older style bulb. So there's not a lot you can do really, without getting brighter bulbs, as the stock bulb is only 45W. However there are some 55W and 65W bulbs available if you do a search OR you can get these Xenon 100/90W bulbs. There are really meant for off-road use, but I ran them on my DTR with no problems. Some say be careful as the extra power draw will add more strain on your rectifer, but I had no issues. They are very much brighter, a straight swap and the cheapest upgrade without going down the LED/HID route, which can be very complicated and costly to get right.


  • @NINJA I've got these in my basket my running light has gone but my full beam works going through fog is a nightmare with full beam on hopefully they do the trick.. are they just a straight swap and no need for an adaptor ?

  • @jamesrandall93 There a straight swap, no mods required. 😉