Clutch doesn't seem right...

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    If anyone remembers back to my build thread on the old forum about my TDR 125, I mentioned when I first got it that the clutch didn't seem right. I was assuming by the time I had the engine all rebuilt and back together that the problem would have sorted itself out OR I would have noticed what was wrong in the first place. I didn't notice anything wrong when it was apart and now that it's back together It seems exactly the same as when I first bought it. A mate reckons I could be missing a clutch plate which does seem feasible if you think about how the clutch works. It just seems like there is no pressure being exerted by the springs. I did replace the springs thinking it could be them but no luck. Going to have to pull it apart again I'm thinking 😕

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    Yes mate that is not right. You should not be able to push it in at the actuator arm. It should be too stiff.

    But this doesn't necessarily mean there is anythibg wrong here. I was having the same thing, although I knew what to do, on my new engine build.

    The clutch can be adjusted in three separate locations.

    The clutch perch.
    The actuator perch
    And inside the clutch basket.

    It is tbis latter one you need to adjust.

    You should see if yoy take the clutch covrr off a nut and screw with a posi head in the middle of the clutch basket.

    Beneath the pressure plate is a nut with a flanged washer.

    Whrn you push the clutch in, it actuates this rod which pushes the clutch plates away from the centre.

    You just need to adjust this nut so that pulling the clutch in moves this plate.

    You then adjust the two perches to gain a more sensitve clutch setting.

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    Thanks very much Cal I didn't even think about adjusting the clutch bits. It is a second hand clutch from another bike so that would explain it I guess! Will try it later today if I get the chance!

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    Well adjusting definitely helped somewhat, but only if I adjusted it so much that the nut wouldn't fit back on the end... No chance it will be okay with a few drops of thread locking stuff? :')

  • @MIGHTYMAN yep it's annoying. So you need to adjust it so that the clutch perch and handlebars allow you manipulate the clutch side.

    You haven't dismantled that engine have you?

    There is actually a tiny ball bearing that sits between two rods that sit between the clutch arm actuator and the clutch itself.

    I lost one or two of these and they are a few quid off Yamaha. But I got a generic ball bearing off ebay. 5mm iirc.

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    Yeah I dismantled it last year and only just put it back together really... But in answer to your next question, it's still in there. Although I did order two new push rods and the ball bearing off fowler's the other day so will be replacing them when they arrive, just in case they have somehow got worn slightly??? Or were perhaps already replaced with the wrong sized ones I don't know...

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    Nah doubt they will wear that much.

    As say just make sure it's adjusted appropriately in all places that should be enough.

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    Ah sorry, I only know basics when it comes to HTML!

    I'm VERY glad to say I finally got the clutch sorted and the issue was a combination of the three adjustment points, coupled with the fact that I didn't align the notch (or arrow as it mentions in the Haynes manual) on the clutch pressure plate with the notch on the clutch inner basket. This surprisingly was hard to identify as aligning the notches incorrectly only has a very subtle difference in the way the completed clutch looks. This video might help show the issue I was having.

    Notice that the clutch pressure plate wasn't actually making contact with the friction plates. I first thought I could be missing a friction plate? But soon looked up and found I did indeed have the correct amount. I then kept thinking it was the push rod adjustment being way out, but I was wrong 😞