DT RE Everts plastics

  • hi guys, for the moment i abandoned the idea of the bigger fuel tank cause observing some images the tenere's one is really too different...
    yesterday i broke my front fender in offroad, i was already thinking of changing all the front plastics (mask, fender and side covers) because ,apart from the right cover that i replaced recently, they all have lost their original colour so time has come to replace all. i definitely want to keep all the parts original. on this site https://www.bike-parts-yam.it/yamaha-motocicli/125-MOTO/2005/DTRE/DT125RE/1890 (sorry i found the everts parts only in italian but it's not difficult to understand) i found all the parts but especially the fender is really expensive so do you know other sites where to buy these plastics maybe cheaper? about the mask's and fender's stickers it says "contact us" so i guess they are not avaiable anymore, if i decide to go for this site i'll contact them and ask. thanks

  • I bought the plastics back a few years ago, about £200 for the lot. Didn't think that was too bad.

    Surprised if they won't be discontinued to. As for the graphics, especially Everts, good luck. They were "Rare" when they were new, let alone getting new ones.

    Best bet would be to contact Yamaha directly, see what they can do for you.

  • @Calum ok thank you!

  • I've just bought a DT125X headlight cover from Fowlers in black for £28 which I thought was a reasonable price.

    You can use a replica front mud guard and again I've picked up a Polisport YZ one in black for £15 delivered from Ebay.

    I can't get any other cheap plastics as I have a DT200WR so have to search for my bits or just pay high dealer prices and only have the choice of white or maybe purple (only scoops and side panels).


  • ok thanks, the prices are quite everywhere the same so i'm gonna order today from bikepartsyam. they have just replyed that the fender's sticker is not avaiable and mine is completely broken (i'm going to reuse the mask's one cause it's good). probably monday i'll go to a yamaha dealer here in my area to ask, if they can't help me i'll ask to a person i know who works as a graphic.
    i also have to order an head gasket because it's drinking a lot of coolant every day, the strange thing is that it doesn't make any smoke neither at high rpm. this time i go for an original yamaha one because last time on ebay there was written "athena" but it was probably fake seeing the results, all the engine's gaskets had cost 11 €.

  • Hi all I have just started to strip down my dt125r so will keep you all updated I am looking at powder coating the frame yellow and spraying the fairing blue so should look amazing

  • @bakerDT125R-SM Start your our build thread dude. 😉

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