New owner of a 2004 DTRE with a problem

  • Hello fellow DT owners, i have bought my 2004 DTRE a few months ago and just recently found this forum,and i already had alot of help from some threads.
    Anyway i would snap some pictures but it's kind of in a ugly state since the last owner didn't maintain it properly and im still in the process of getting proper plastics for it.
    I have gotten a problem last week ,the bike one day ran fine and the other day just did not want to start on the electric starter,and when i took the spark plug out and tried to use the starter it did not have any spark, but when i bump start it ,it starts immediately without any problem and idles without a problem.
    Also i will mention since it started having the problem,the bike when started and when i try to ride it ,when it warms up, after around i would say 8000 rpm it starts to stutter while accelerating (i think the proper word would be misfiring but im not sure).
    The thing that i think is the culprit would be the ignition coil but i would like a second opinion since im new to motorcycles like this(i actually had a moped but it had almost no electronics)
    Any help would be very appreciated since i would like to fix it as soon as possible since i use the bike to ride to work when needed

  • @AztecZX Getting a Haynes manual would be a extremely wise investment dude;

  • Sounds to me like two separate issues.

    You got your starting problem, and you've got a running problem.

    If what you are saying is correct, it'll bump but never start on the button. Sounds like the neutral switch to me, s the clutch switch, or even the side stand switch. It won't spark if any of those sense a problem. The first two problems are not apparent on the DTRs, since they don't have electric starters.

    The second problem could just be that the bike is restricted. The factory CDI retards the powervalve after 8-10K for EU laws.

    Earthing the green and black wire behind the clocks makes it full power.

  • @Calum thanks for replying,about the cdi restriction,the past owner did derestrict the cdi and it worked fine untill the bike started having problems,also i could definitely feel the difference before the problems when i disconnected the earthed wire so im sure it's not that(i was curious what was the difference),i also checked the wire when it started to have this problem and it looks fine.
    I will also add that i derestricted the exhaust about a month after i got the bike and the bike still didn't have any problems ,in fact it actually worked much smoother
    About the electric start issue what should i do,i would know how to bypass the sidestand switch but not the clutch and neutral switch(i don't know where the neutral switch is)