Dt 125r front forks

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  • @mhbikesnbits Just seeming if thay are 2 types of forks (longer)

  • There’s dt125s with different model numbers 3BN and 3RM for example they will be slightly different in ways but I am unsure if the fork length is different it could well be, or could be possible someone has changed the forks to a different brand/model in the past

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  • @shaun91 Post some pics dude. If they are the original forks the later DTX/RE models had different forks. Especially if it's the Supermoto model like the DTX, as they came with smaller 17" wheels as opposed to the 21/18" wheels of the earlier enduro models. So obviously with smaller wheels you need longer forks to maintain the ride height etc.

  • @NINJA thanks that is what I need to know

  • @shaun91 Look on Google images for the DTR and DTX, the differences between the two forks are pretty easy to spot. Then you will be able to tell which is which. 😉

  • @NINJA I thought that the R and RE had the same forks and only the X had the shorter ones to work with the SM wheels.

  • @Nottsbiker I'm sure that someone will correct me if I'm wrong? But I'm pretty sure that the DTR and DTRE forks are very similar externally, but the latter RE forks do have some differences and are essentially an upgraded version of the DTR's forks. If you look at the parts schematics there are some subtle differences with the lower fork legs, but most likely the major changes are internally for improved compression & rebound. The DTX forks however are longer due to the smaller wheels and therefore they need to be longer in order to maintain the ride height and keep the headtube angle the same as well. As altering that will affect the bikes handling making the steering either quicker or slower. Plus the caliper mounting brackets are different due to the larger discs on the DTX, which uses a 2 pot caliper. They are most likely an upgraded version of the TDR's forks, but others may confirm that???

  • @NINJA I'm not sure but I could have sworn that the X forks were shorter not longer but like anything in life I could well be wrong!

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