Carb setups.

  • Hey guys, just wondering what everyone’s carb jets setting are? And what modifications you have done? I’m finding my self heading towards a 30+ pilot jet and a 210 main jet with just a DEP pipe fitted. No air box mod. I realise everyone’s will be different, not asking to ‘copy’ anyone just interested really! Also have a zeeltronic on the way which hopefully with be fun, need to get my jetting correct first though struggling with the pilot side of things.

    I have a dt x by the way, 2006 model with the tm28ss.

  • I think I used to run a 25 pilot and 250 main on my original carburetor with romeu hendriques system and airbox snorkel removed, ran well.

  • i'm running 22.5 pilot and 220 main jets with complete giannelli and no modifications to the air box but i think it's a bit rich in full gas so i'm going to return to the 210 main jet.

  • @autovictor I had a day yesterday of going through my pilot jets and ended up at pilot 22.5 with air screw 1/2 turn out, also a 210 main jet and needle clip standard. Runs good now. I tried a 27.5 I believe and that was just too rich.

  • @frazer-c do you have the cooling sistem still attached to the carb? it's quite uncomfortable to go through different jets with always that tubes disturbing the carb's movements

  • @autovictor no I bypassed the carb cooling after having a leak at one of the joints on the carb. No difference noticed. When I bought the bike the carb was in bad shape. Seized air screw, seized idle screw and looking very poor. All working now though thankfully as the tm28ss carb is a pricey one!

  • I've got a near enough brand new one, came on a very low mileage original dry stored unopened engine I bought. Nothing seized and slide doesnt have a scratch or anything, might be for sale at the right price if you have any bother. Happy to clean and re jet if required but I'd feel bad opening it for the first time haha.

  • Mine is all good now but thank you anyway. I would hold onto that mate, I couldn’t seem to find a new one online anywhere.

  • @frazer-c that's good, yeah I plan to really, seems a nice find, but if anyone on here got stuck I'd be happy to sell cheap really, but it's not actively for sale 😊

  • @frazer-c i know this is an old post but i know a site were you can get flat carbs from for the DTR not sure if im allowed to post the link tho.

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