• Just curious what everyone’s jetting is at, I’m on standard jets but has a different front pipe and due to the bike I cannot use an airbox.
    I’m thinking I need to upjet quite a bit, revs seem to hang on deceleration and there’s a fairly sizeable bog off idle, and the bike seems to have absolutely no overrun what so ever, falls on its face quite early in the Rev Range. ![0_1557003667249_614C6EE5-531F-4FCA-ABB8-017154AE16C8.png](Uploading 2%) )I’ve not even touched the carb yet to have a play with idle air mixture or needle position.

    Just curious as to people’s starting points really.

  • @Bodylad I’m running 220 main jet 27.5 pilot jet and standard needle position. This is with full dep system, v force reeds & re-bored to the limit of the standard cylinder. Runs very well. Probably a tad rich. Just waiting on my zeeltronic system to arrive next.

    If your experiencing revs not dropping like ‘normal’, I would say your pilot jet could be either blocking up or too small.

    Also I tried running airbox without the snorkel but couldn’t feel any benefits when adjusted. I find the standard airbox setup perfect.

    Hope this helps