Fitting a DTR engine in a DTRE

  • I've finally built up my DTR engine ready to drop in my old RE, I've pulled the RE engine and noticed the R stator has alot less cables, however it does have the two pin sealed plug which matches to the loom. Will the R engine still run through my RE loom and CDI? Im guessing alot of these other plugs are for neutral sensor and the electric start.
    If my RE CDI cannot be used what are my best options? I would like a programmable ignition soon so maybe I could go down that route, but will I need an R loom or is the RE loom just an "advanced" version of the R with more features?
    What a mine field...

  • DTRE and DTR have different fly wheels with different pickups. It's likely the ignition timing will be different. Therefore you will need an R CDI.

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