Supermoto project.... Yea I know another one lol

  • So after looking long a hard for a dt125x I couldn't find a good one but ended up buying a 2004 re. So time to swap it all over to sm trim I've just bought a set of yzf125r mag wheels for it. Has anyone ever fitted these type wheels to a dt before? I'm hoping to get all the parts I've ordered here for end of next week to get started

  • Yes, they're pretty small right?

    alt text

    Shaun on the old forum attempted it, I don't know if he finished it...

  • @Calum front is 100/70 rear is 130/17 so not too bad was thinking of aprilia rs125 wheels at first but got these for a good price.

  • They look the part that's for sure!

  • I think I made a post about this, the later ones are the same as an MT 125. I bought the rims off a 2015 and attempted the rear first, spacing for disc and sprocket are well off, you'll need a hubcentric spacer for the sprocket for certain, good luck getting one made, I wouldn't trust using individual spacers and longer bolts. The rear axle is also tiny compared to the DT one, I machined an axle with a step up on one end acting as a spacer and also to allow the caliber bracket to fit on correctly, then I was going to make a step up collar/spacer for the other end. The axle worked and I had the bike rolling but I sacked the project off and bought DTX wheels cheap, there's no real way to mount the wheel correctly and safely without getting expensive components manufactured. The front wheel looked easy enough.
    Long story short, sell them on and get some TDR or DTX rims mate.

  • @Glynn123 I love a good challange lol. I'll get them to fit one way or another

  • @Jgb19830 I'm the same, I had access to an entire workshop with milling machines, large lathes etc, just not worth it for the wheels, they're too skinny anyways really.
    Good luck anyways

  • @Glynn123 was looking at other options like ktm duke wheels but got these for £100 plus I like the look of them. Was thinking of fitting the front with a 110 wide tyre and the rear with 140 but I'll see how it goes.