• Hi so basically about 8 mounts ago I had a full engine rebuild after my bike seized while changing gear after this I put the engine back I. An everything was fine until a couple weeks ago when the bike kept getting stuck in neutral when changing up from 1st this happened a few times before the bike started vibrating very badly also the vibration gets worse with reva till about 5 k then the revs just shoot up to red line and it dose not feel right like the clutch is slipping

  • Engine must be balanced.

    The balancer shaft is what achieves this. It is timed up with the crankshaft. If it's not timed, you will have huge amount of vibrations through the engine.

    The clutch is also balanced and if not assembled correctly will cause vibrations.

    Others include, well there is no rubber dampening bushes that mount the engine to the frame. In other words, all vibrations are propagated through the frame so some vibrations are normal.

    If these mounts rattle loose, then there will be a noticeable increase in vibrations.

  • @Calum thanks mate Thought that it was out of balance I’ll have a look just hoping it’s nothing worse

  • @yamahadt125r244 There are timing marks on the cogs.

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