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  • Hey folks, im picking up my 02 plate DTR125 in 3 and a half weeks, it had a full engine rebuild, an old acquaintance had bought it put it in mums shed then he got jailed twice one after another so its been sitting for 2 n a half-3years-nice clean bike but im thinking battery will be dead and carb may need cleaned out before it starts, what i was really wonderin if it was possible for bike to kickstart with a flat battery, i think the older ones maybe did but not sure about an 02? I have a charger to try if not n if its goosed ill buy another, also any running in tips.?? Best 2 stroke oil to use??

  • @Deigo27 Hi and welcome to the club, I use Silkolene oils as I find that they are good quality.

  • @NINJA Cheers mate thats what i was thinking!.

  • Hello and welcome

    +1 on silkolene.

    It may start, but usually runs rough. The powervalve wants a decent 12v supply to run properly. You tend to find that the powervalve doesn't operate.

    Don't rule the battery out though, it may just need a charge and be good to go.

    Good luck.


  • @Calum cheers mate, aye my old chinese bike (sorry for swearing lol😂) had been sitting 2 years when i bought it and i charged battery with my grandads 1950s charger n away it went, kinda hoping for same thing this time around like, that bike wouldnt run at all with flat battery but i remember a mate having a dt lc back in offroad days with no battery n it always went so wasnt too sure.. Defo be goin with Silkolene thats what i used on my bikes back in the day, local dealer stocks it so handy! Cheers guys its good to have this forum for advice..👍🏼

  • Even with a dead battery would it not still bump start? Personally if the bike has been sitting idle for some time, a full battery charge and service would be my first steps. Ie. Oil change, air filter, plug etc with the last 2 may just needing a clean if they are still good? Not only will that give you peace of mind but also to get an idea of the engines condition internally. 😉

  • @NINJA Aye mate the plan is to get it home, pick up a new plug and oil, service, clean the carb out and charge battery n see if get it going, then plug chop to make sure alls good, it had a rebuild before being put away so im hoping for the best, one can only hope mate. Fingers crossed all good. The chinese bike wouldnt start with a bump last time i tried but ive new battery sitting in my kitchen cupboard for it as ive still to sort it out for selling it-unfortunately its garaged 3 towns away but DTs coming here to my flat, hopefully a few quid towards cbt,mot, insurance etc when sell the old chinese bike, not expecting to get much for it though!..👍🏼

  • @Deigo27 Sounds like a good plan bud. Post some pics of your new baby once you have her!!! 👍

  • @NINJA Defo mate, cheers! will do-counting down the days lol..👍🏼

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