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  • Hello I have a frame that was imported from France, I have all the paperwork somewhere but I was wondering how much this frame would be worth. I’ve had it sandblasted and powder coated Matt black. All it need is to be assembled and put for an mot and then send off for the v5. I payed 330 for the frame and 75 for powder coating. Any interest or valuation is welcome thanks jimmy

  • Wow, that's really steep price to begin with.

    I know I would be looking around £100 for a UK frame. An imported frame, I'd look to pay a little less, otherwise what's in it for the buyer.

    It's always whatever someone is willing to pay at the end of the day.

    If it were UK registered it would be worth more, in my opinion.

    Always difficult especially if you've painted it, because it might be towards your colour scheme.

  • So if I got it threw an mot and sold the frame with a v5 how much do you reckon I could get for it

  • It’s also powder coated Matt black it was already that colour. done it to make it look new

  • You'd be lucky to get a uk frame with intact vin and log book for £100. I know of uk frames that have gone for £3-400. The extra hassle of it being a foreign frame will put people off, even if it's not a issue to sort. With it being freshly powder coated I wouldn't be surprised if you got £300 for it.

  • I can't really comment on DTR's, I don't know what they are worth. But you can get a dog ear'd DT as a rolling chassis for not much more. So why would I bother with a frame. Getting it powdercoated isn't hard.

    My advice would be to build a DTR from it. It will cost money to do, but that's probably how you'll earn a buck on it. But you have to be clever/.

  • It's not just dt's, all frames for off road style bikes, tend to be worth more in good shape with logbooks. They get crashed/bent, rot out, get stolen and vin numbers removed. Turned into field bikes and paperwork/number plates lost. So a frame with clean ID and freshly powder coated (not rotten) frame can be used to resurrect one of these rough/damaged bikes.

  • My bike was stolen by someone I used to live with and they crashed it into a car without a helmet write it off bent off the frame and front end I had to cut the old frame just to get the engine out. that why I brought the frame and done all this but my insurance is over 500 now I payed 225 for my first year at 17 I’m now 21. I was a bit of a melt for only getting 3rd party but the police had to be called to help find where he’d left my bike, when it went to court all he got was 70 community service and I didn’t get any compensation as his dad had promised me but really they were longing me off hoping they didn’t have to pay

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