New DT starting issues

  • Hey guys am Derek, got my DTR on tuesday 02plate, was fully rebuilt before i got it and just drove home and put in a shed, i took it home on tuesday n struggled to get it running, today i cleaned plug and was sparking every time out of bike but black and oiled up when removed, cleaned with a bit of sandpaper n put back in, took bike outside kicked with choke on and it started straight away went up in revs and i blipped throttle n it died, took plug out again cleaned n dried and it was only intermittently sparking this time and i couldnt get bike going again, any tips appreciated! Lost a little coolant as dropped bike trying do bump it and i topped up the rad with a little water, will that be okay, before that the coolant was really green and strong looking im hopin its okay because i only put a little water in, ordered a new plug when came in should be here saturday, any tips, do alot of dts die when throttle blipped just after starting?. Any tips appreciated.. thanks..

  • Forgot to say it sat for 3 years after rebuild n i bought it, its got a new battery and will have a new plug on saturday hopefully.. if it starts with new plug should i leave it a few mins to run on choke before touching throttle?

  • @Deigo27 first thing is the plug, so get that done and you know that's good. Get a Haynes manual and make sure the oil pump is set correctly. Is the fuel New? Once started I leave mine running before riding for a couple of mins to get some heat in the barrel. Most importantly post up some pics!

  • @oldman cheers mate, ive tried uploading a pic but it wouldnt let me ill try again!, yeah but when it fires up with choke on should i leave a few mins before touching throttle?

  • @Deigo27 yes

  • @declan cheers mate..

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