• So today my clutch lost all resistance for some weird reason! It was working perfectly fine prior but anyway I pulled over and checked the clutch cable and it's fine so I can rule out a over stretched or snapped cable. I got the bike home and I've noticed that there is absolutely no resistance from the clutch arm perch I can push it perfectly fine with 1 finger but on my other DTR i can't lol so I've took the side casing of and took the clutch plates and everything clutch related off thinking the worse but I actually can't see a problem so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what's wrong with it? I was sure there is a small steel baring that sits behind the rod that goes through the centre of the clutch basket but I couldn't locate it and unfortunately I don't have my Haynes manual with me at the moment but could the steel ball bearing be the issue? Pretty sure it didn't fall out when disassembling it and would the clutch still work without the little baring as I was thinking maybe the last owner assembled it leaving it out or something haha no idea! Need to get this fixed ASAP the weathers to nice .

  • @Biker_123 Yes mate, there is a steel ball bearing that sits between the clutch arm actuator, and the pressure plates.

    It sits between two rods.

  • @Calum Thanks do you think that could be the problem then? I'm thinking it is myself but then I'm wondering how the clutch was working fine beforehand if it needed the bearing i presume it probably wouldn't have worked without it so I'm left with the problem of where it's went lol!! I've got brand new clutch plates spare and another rod and bearing anyway so I guess I'll try and install them and possibly change the clutch arm perch incase it's worn for good measure .

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    I could see a situation where a previous owner might have put the ball bearing in first, before the push rods, and it may have simply dropped underneath the clutch arm? Very unlikely but it would at least explain where it might have gone! Check there.

  • @MIGHTYMAN Thanks for that mate makes sense anythings possible I'll have a look shortly.

  • @MIGHTYMAN That would be a bit of a mare if that's happened.

    I really wouldn't know.

    The closest thing I've experienced to this was a cheap nasty clutch cable that stretched everytime I used it. Fine on the way to work, completely loose and useless on the way home.-

  • Well I've had another look and no joy it's vanished I even took the shaft thingy off and had a look through it and behind it and nothing and it 100% didn't fall out on disassembly that I'm sure of 😰 . Is it possible this bearing could somehow fall through the crankcase and into the bottom end? I don't know if I should split the case and have a look as id hate to reinstall everything and run the bike only for this bearing to be inside waiting to cause mega damage .

  • @Biker_123 Not unless the gearbox is damaged

    If the cases have never been split then that's unlikely.

    It's so small it could have been easily missed.

  • @Calum hmm it's a mystery then lol I guess I'll just rebuild the clutch with the new parts and see how it goes then! This particular engine has never been split whilst I've had it so I guess I can rule out the bearing being in the bottom end then , I just wasn't sure if there was any hidden spaces or anywhere it could fall down into.

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    I do happen to be in possession of a spare push rod that touches the clutch arm, and the ball bearing if you want either.

  • @MIGHTYMAN I've got some spares from another engine mate but thanks for offering 🙂

  • @Biker_123 Nah the bearing sits inside the primary drive output shaft of the gearbox. So unless there is a hole in there I can't see how it can fall out.

  • So I've ran into a new problem it appears the small bearing that I couldn't locate is actually stuck in the shaft with another part of the clutch push rod!! I've no idea how I never seen this yesterday but now I'm left with a situation where I can't get the bearing and the other piece of rod out that's behind it . I've tried tapping the side of the case with a soft mallet with no joy then tried using a magnet and tapping again with no luck.. anyone any ideas on how to release this or will I now have to split the case? It appears to me the rod and bearing that's being used has been made by the previous owner or from another bike it's nothing like the spare engines clutch push rod/bearing set up 😞 this is more like clutch push rod,bearing,smaller cut piece of a clutch push rod and then the rod that goes through the centre of the basket it's strange .

  • @Biker_123 Quite possible.

    Have you tried magnitisng the other side of the push rod in an attempt to tease it out?

    The only thing I can suggest is compressed air down the clutch arm actuator in an attempt to force it out.

    Otherwise it's case split to get it out.

    Do you need to remove it? Is there no adjustment left in the clutch?

  • @Calum I've not tried magnetising it from the other side yet but I'll try tomorrow and I'll give the compressed air a try in a last ditch attempt to remove it before splitting the case. There no tension on the clutch perch thingy at all even when I'm moving it by hand there's no resistance it's not engaging the clutch rod that's stuck inside either no idea what's going on inside the shaft I'm thinking the rods possibly bent somehow or its welded itself to the inside

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    Might be useless in your case, but I ended up removing the ball bearing and push rod from mine, by pouring some oil down the shaft, the tipping the bike on it's side and wiggling the clutch arm in and out.

  • @MIGHTYMAN I tried that but no luck, I put some more oil down earlier so I'm hoping it'll loosen the rod over night. Such a pain it's as if the rod has been cut in half with the other half stuck in there! The piece I got out is roughly half the length of the one in the spare engine lol I'll never understand why people do this crap to bikes I'd rather fit the correct parts instead of just trying to get it to work the last owner needs a good slap for this

  • @Biker_123 So the actual rod should be adjustable on the clutch basket. If you adjust that to the maximum and still no joy then go ahead and put a ballbearing down there to see if that gives you the extra length you need.

    Seems a bit extreme splitting the cases just to get the clutch to disengage.

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    I think Biker is saying half of the push rod is broken inside the shaft, so it could be wedged in place by shards of metal etc.

  • @Biker_123
    If you push a rod down against the bearing (or whatever is in the shaft) and then move the clutch arm does it move in and out like it's supposed to or is it stuck solid?
    If it is stuck solid you will probably have to completely strip to punch the broken bits out.
    If you can get a bit of movement in it I would try wd40 or any solvent in the hole and keep moving it to see if you can get it to fall out.
    I don't know how the clutch arm is held in but presumably if you removed it you could feed a wire in and push the rod out.