Stators keep dying on my dt

  • So my dt stopped sparking, and after a lot of fiddling around i found the source coil to be weak, so i bought another pre owned stator and put it on the bike, fired right up and i drove it around and suddenly the bike died. I measured the ohms on the source coil it was 88 ohm, should be 192-288.

    So my question is, is there anything on these bike that could kill the stators like this, or am i having bad luck with the pre owned one i just bought.

    Any suggestions or opinions is greatly appreciated!

  • I don't think so, stators are self regulating.

    I don't know the internal workings of one.

    But an alternator uses battery power to generate power. But the DT uses a generator, so no battery power is needed.

    So for example, if a high load is demanded on an alternator, it could wear it out, but I don't think that's true for a generator. I don't know....

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