full engine rebuild on dt 1990

  • i was asked by a mate who has a 1990 dt if i can do a full rebuild on a budget what stuff would you recommended bearing wise piston wise etc. he does like to rag her a bit and i don't want to dive into the engine until am sure that i have the correct parts. i tried turning the engine over it took more that usual but will wouldn't have none of starting wise this is why i recommended a full rebuild. Ive tried everything another carb from my bike, a new spark plug but no the top end doesn't look to bad i haven't got photo unfortunately but have worked on quiet a few bikes before with supervision of course but i still know my way around an engine is there any bearing kits etc

  • Gearbox bearings are 20 for Japanese Koyo. The mains are an odd size amd cost 50. Decent con rod is 50. Gasket kit is 30. Seals are 30. That's about it. You will want a flywheel puller and clutch holding tool.

    If the top end needs refreshing then add another few notes to sort that out.

    But it not starting may not be the result of a worn bottom end. Unless it is properly out of shape. That said it would be evidently clear if this was the case as it would sound incredibly rough.

  • it was constantly near 10 to 11k in each gear

  • @jimmydc98 Built to withstand it pal

  • Any chance you could give me a list off all the bottom end bearing codes desperate to find them

  • I know this is oldish but I assume you found the sticky at the top of this section.

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