• Not my bike but I found this on YT and it looked an interesting build;


    I especially like the way he made fitting the YZ USD forks seem such an easy job, is it that simple or am I missing something???

  • @CYBER-NINJA He used the same method I used to fit my YZ 250 USD forks on my DTR project. It works a treat depending on the year of the forks and width of the centre stem but my DTR stem pressed straight into the YZ 250 bottom yolk with no issues. I'll be using the bearing cup method with my 2nd DTR this time though as got a nice set of wr450 forks.

  • @Biker_123 So is it not possible to retain the stock clamps and yokes, by just fitting 41mm USD forks into the originals then???

    As that way there is no faffing around with the ignition barrel, cable guides, headlight bracket etc

  • @CYBER-NINJA Unfortunately not mate the USD fork legs are way to thick so you'll need to use the YZ top/bottom yolk and have a bracket made up for the ignition barrell and run a different speedo like the Trail Tech vapour or Koso etc as the DTs speedo drive won't fit! Also the front wheel for the DTR will be of no use I had to switch to YZ excell rims as the front wheel spindle on the YZ is a lot thicker than the DTs and then I had to change the front brake calipper to the YZ one for it to work properly but it definitely makes the bike a lot better cosmetically and performance wise great for going of road the set up works well.

  • I watched this before I bought my DT. It's part of the reason I bought one in the end. One day my bike will look as good as that 🙂

  • @Uber_Beluga Hopefully with less graphics, she's a bit too busy for me, but I like the mods tho!!! :O)