Clutch Problems??

  • Hi only me again,

    today has been up and down for me,

    basically ive had an engine lying around for ages, all seemed in working order so after finally reassembling it (just the top end and clutch) i decided to put it into my bike to see it it starts.

    low and behold it started on the second kick !

    engines running sweet as it could apart from a weird clutch problem i have never experienced.

    the clutch drags really bad, the cable is fully adjusted on the bars and the adjuster and it still drags?, most of the time it will just stall if the top adjuster is not at its maximum.

    i refitted the whole clutch, which had been used before (it did not look worn at all), including the part with the gear on.

    everything was alligned correctly, im sure of that 100%, apart from maybe the clutch plates, could that be causing the problem?

    also the rod and ball bearing were inserted in the correct orientation and order too.

    the adjuster on the clutch also had to be adjusted so the locking nut is barely biting the shaft so that the part where the cable attaches is aligned with the little notch.

    any help would be appreciated 🙂

    A new OEM clutch cable has been ordered as well, thinking that may be the problem as the cable should not be fully adjusted anyway.

  • The clutch plates should be installed in the order they wete removed. It's to do with parts that weat together.

    Your firsr point of call should br to alter the clutch basket rod. Then adjust the perch and actuator arm accordingly.

    Also the smallest clurch plate must be assembled first, then the spacer ring. Then in any order

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    Im pretty sure I know your problem. Exactly the same as me! I ended up having to adjust the push rod nut so it was barely gripping on the threads. Found out I hadn't aligned the clutch pressure plate! Follow Calum's clutch guide in his kick start conversion tutorial! If you follow it exactly, you should solve the problem.

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    You should notice the big gap in this video between the pressure plate and the friction plate. That gap was the reason for my clutch not working properly.

  • Can anyone link me to calums guide for rebuilding the clutch?, i cant find it anywhere.

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    It's in his kick start conversion tutorial!

    Tutorials > Kick Start Conversion (DTRE)

  • Its all apart now, plates were cleaned with paraffin and are soaking in the oil i will be using, they have loads of meat left on them so they should be fine, should i put the metal plates and ring in the oil as well?

    basket and cage are good, however the springs weren't, 2 mm below Haynes serviceable limit, will order a new set soon,

    when i removed it they were literally glued together, my fault really, should have disassembled and cleaned before putting in but i was just lazy.

    will keep you all updated 🙂

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