Brand new Suzuki RG500 Gamma

  • Here's something you don't see everyday, or even a year. A Suzuki RG500 that's never been started let alone ridden. Lived it's whole life sat in someone's office under a sheet.

    Part of me wants the person who buys it to fill it up with all its fluids and ride it like it was made to be ridden. Although it's quite clear this bike will most likely never even get fired up. A shame, but also quite fascinating to know of such a legendary and quite old bike that is essentially brand new.

  • @Burridge late 80s 500cc RGV's and RZs are getting big money! 90s 250SP/Rs are coming up to £13k for a sorted one, These are looking to be very good investments, there
    will never be any depreciation on these big 2strokes.

    Keep ahold of your DTR everybody.

  • @Darty Yep, the money for them is getting crazy. My dads friend bought a Suzuki GT750 back in 2006 for about 2k I think it was, pretty mint with a hump back Suzuki seat and all speed exhausts, It's worth over double that now but he fell of it in '08 and it's been mothballed every since 😞
    My all time favourite bike though!

  • I can never really understand the mentality of owning something as gorgeous as this and never experiencing the joy of what it was made for! Even if it was ridden like 6 times a year, just to experience the thrill of what the designers engineered and put it to its intended use. That to me would be the joy of ownership, not to have it collect dust and never be unleashed.

    I'm intrigued to see what it actually goes for? Another collector is probably gonna blow his wad for it? Each to their own I guess, but then maybe the current owner has two and ragged the ass of the other one??? LOL ;O)