• Hello
    Got myself my first bike. Its a 1986 DT125LC MK3 doing a restoration project to restore the bike back to the road again and out of the field.

  • Welcome mate! I really like the LC nice bikes not to many left on the road these days! Throw up a project topic on here would be nice to see it coming together

  • Cheers dude
    Yeah i will get one thrown up soon got loads of pics, Just finished respray on the engine

  • @Stumpy125 Sounds great mate! There's nothing better than taking a battered up field bike and restoring it back to its former glory for the road again 👍🏻 .. The DT125LC is such a sought after bike it can go for real good money on eBay especially one that can go back on the road so it's definitely only going to go up in value it could be a good money maker if you decide to sell it after the restore.

  • I know when i got her she was battered. I have had loads of fun stripping it down and bring it back to life (lots of late nights in the workshop)

    Always had my eye out for the LC then one landed in my lap almost. Quick trip to Liverpool and the deed was done

  • @Stumpy125 Welcome mate,

    Yeah I am keen to see some photos too! Was cut short speaking to you earlier.

    Hopefully someone might be able to help locate some parts for you. I don't know where he is now, but Scrimustang would have been the man for the job with such tasks!

  • @Stumpy125 Hola!!! ;O)

  • So I have found scrimustang he has the plastics i need. But the price is well over £500. To buy or not to buy

  • @Stumpy125 Expensive stuff but it's an investment at the end of the day and you'll get a good turn around if you decide to sell the bike in the future that you can guarantee if it's a minter... The only other options would be to repair any damaged panels you have if you have any or search the breakers on eBay but any panels from there will be cosmetically crap 90% of the time and you might spend more money on paint etc tidying them up.. Decisions decisions lol

  • That's exactly what i was thinking tbh. Problem is the only panels i have got is the front mudguard 😕 so can't really repair any