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    In the past couple of weeks I have been using the my TDR 125 to commute 40 miles a day when it's not raining, 36 of which are on the motorway.

    I must say it has been a real treat. Although I obviously can't travel at the sort of speeds I can do on my MT-03, it is 10x more comfy, and going back to road riding on a two stroke is exactly how I remembered it. A crap load of fun!

    Usually cruising between 7k and 8k on the revometer so probably overdoing it a bit at times, but it seems to be coping pretty nicely. So far I've had an indicated 85 on the speedo which I think is mad considering it's got the stock exhaust on it!

    Warms up nice and quickly after I first pull away and usually stays solid in the middle of the heat gauge for the whole journey. Overall really enjoying it and it's definitely tempting me more and more to sell up and upgrade to the 250 version!

  • Good for you buddy!

    It's nice.to hear you're getting.on with the bike. I used to love.commuting.on the SM. Was.juat barrels.of.fun at 20 mph.

    Taking the starlet was just stressful!

  • @MIGHTYMAN Great engine these 125R Yam's. I've been using mine to get to work everyday at the moment, great fun. and after 8,000 miles it's never ever missed a beat.