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  • hey guys, not been around for a while again as ive not had a dt for a while and had lots of other stuff on. my commuter cbf125 has just failed in the big end bearing department. i was expecting it but it was still returning over 100 to the gallon. anyway it'll need a full rebuild but a friend had an 01 dt that also needs a rebuild so he sold it to me and thats gonna become the commuter. i may put a thread in the technical section for the rebuild but heres my hello again! peace

  • HEy welcome back man!

    Long time no speak.

    Jeez you killed a cbr? Thats gotta be some sort of.achievement no?

    What else has been going.on?

  • cheers mate. nah it was a cbf125. air cooled and generally bullet proof but the previous owner had clearly run it low on oil at some point and the mains were knackered. it was cheap and served a purpose. i have a complete spare engine in the garage and the plan was to have it ready for when this one failed but it didnt last as long as i expected.

    tbh im quite happy as its given me an exscuse to get another dt. next year we're doing a trip to the alps and im gonna take a dt.

    once the dt is on the road ill probably fix the cbf as well as its so econpmical and nice to ride.

  • Nice one man, Welcome again

    Cagiva W8 you say, Would really love to see some of that! Is it the Water cooled version? One of my favourite 125s.

    A very lovely 2stroke indeed, kind of interested in another small project

  • Ah that was an old signature. The W8 came and went. I did want to get it on the road but i got short of cash and bike space so ended up selling it for virtually a loss. Only cost me like 250-300 quid i think. Yeah it was the watercooled engine from a mito. It was missing a few panels which i sourced but the engine needed a rebuild and other parts were really hard to source for a reasonable price. It went down the west country somewhere. A guy sent a bike courrier to collect it.

    I bought another belgarda 4DL recently. a 95% complete bike in parts on ebay for £250. When i turned up to collect the bike, the barrel proved to be a standard 3mb which was a little dissapointing but still a bargain. Then a week later a guy started breaking a series 3 4dl on ebay and i got another dellorto 32mm, 3mb P stamped barrel, 3 wire servo, 4dl plastic fuel tank, series 3 headlight cowl (rare as rocking horse poo) and a couple of other bits all for fantastic prices.

    My other latest impulse buy was an Rd350/250lc jigsaw puzzle.

    It turned out to be a pile of parts the guy couldnt be bothered to sell speratly but its an ok start for a project in the future. It led me to drop a silly amount of money on ebay for a nice petrol tank though!

    So yeah my current bikes are

    rd350 ypvs f2
    rd350/250 project
    dt200wr (still in the same state)
    tzr125 4dl series 3 - in pieces
    tzr125 4dl series 1 - in pieces

    All have great potential but have their own issues and need me to put some time in but something always seems to get in the way!

  • @AndyYam Still lol amazed it broke. Hey its good to hear from you again.

  • @Calum well i say it broke but its still running. But you can hear the piston hitting the top from where the bottom end bearings have so much play. So iv just stopped using it as it makes me cringe. It may well go on for ages lol!

    Cheers mate, nice to be back.

  • @AndyYam Cracking bike, just not enough this side of Europe,

    Good work finding the 4DL bits, always fancied the Series 1 bodywork on a Series 3 Polished frame and the Y-3 Deltabox Swing-arm, they were slightly heavier on the rear but just look spot on!

  • yeah the series 3 is imo the nicest looking. id even gonas far to say its equal in looks to the 250 3xv.

    i know i should sell the parts from it but i just love them so much.

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