Importing bikes from Europe

  • Hey Guys -
    I am wondering whether any of you have ever imported a bike from Europe? If so what are the pitfalls and is it worth it? I hear some insurers won't touch EU bikes? Any views or experiences would be appreciated please. ;O)

    P.S. How the hell do I get smiley's to work!!! :O(

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    I find I can only get the Smiley's to work when I'm on my phone. Big annoying! 😂 My TDR is a German import and my insurance didn't bat an eyelid.

  • Smilies is an add on that keeps getting either removed as a dependency for Nodebb or gets lost in the reverse proxy engine.

    I can look into fixing this tomorrow.

  • @MIGHTYMAN Does the V5 show if the bike has been imported at all?

    Also I just spoke to my Insurers MCE and they said that it will be no problem transferring my current policy over from my DT over to an imported bike. They said they can insure in under the VIN number until I get it registered and the DVLA issues a number plate. So that's good to know!!! :O)

  • I've imported a few bikes and it's never been any trouble! Just make sure you get the nova registration number with the bike and the foreign log book then it'll be hassle free to get it a uk registration. I had to get my imported bike insured first of all when trying to put it in the road here then MOT'd and you'll need to fill in a V55/5 form which can be downloaded from the DVLA website and once filled in you'll need to post it back to the DVLA with a £55 vehicle reg fee and road tax fee think it was postal orders I sent and you'll need to send the vehicle nova reg number and vehicle v5 over as well with a photocopy of the MOT and proof of insurance and they'll give your bike a uk reg in a few weeks so it'll not be any different to insuring a uk bike should be the same price! You thinking of importing a new bike @CYBER-NINJA ?

  • @Biker_123 I'm thinking about it, I really want an MX 125 but there few and far between in the UK. I have found more for sale in the EU so I'm exploring my options ATM!!! ;O)

  • @Biker_123 How did you get the bikes over here, did you use an import company or collect them yourself???

  • Wouldn't suprirse me.if they were in better nick over there lok.

    If you get any engine troubles then open a thread here I might be able to help.

    I swear by those engines. They are Austrian made after all. Raced in.the Super Teen 125 series against proper GP bikes like Honda RS125.

    Obviously in the MX they are restricted so they are not as powerful. But so wish you could return it to factory power as I am.

  • @Calum Thanks bud, all those will be future plans. Right now my main goal is just buying a good one, so that I can swing my leg over it, twist & go, smile loads with pleasure and then ride home to change my underwear!!! LOL ;O)

  • @CYBER-NINJA on both occasions I used a company one via eBay and can't remember the other one but both found me the bike I wanted and it was straight forward process to register them here the x2 main things are the nova number and the v5 or dating certificate so make sure you get those if you go ahead and you can't go wrong with getting it on a uk plate. I agree I imported because the bikes where in far better condition than what I could find here they where immaculate! Those mx 125's look great far superior than the dtr from what I've heard

  • @Biker_123 Yeah they sure do look a lot more cared for. Plus there's also the added bonus of the Euro vs GBP exchange rate. So you can get more bang for your buck so to speak. I've found 2 importers on ebay;

    Was it one of these that you used bud??

  • @CYBER-NINJA unit5motos I used them and would highly recommend them the service I got was brilliant! If you have Facebook they also have a page on there and sometimes have bikes listed on that that aren't on the eBay shop so worth checking out..

  • Oh I don't know if the MX will do that to you in stock trim.

    A road legal crosser will do that to you though.

    Naturally crossers take a bit more of a beating.

    I do know someone who is selling their YZ125 Supermoto Road Legal 😄

  • @Calum said in Imported bikes from Europe:

    Oh I don't know if the MX will do that to you in stock trim.

    A road legal crosser will do that to you though.

    Naturally crossers take a bit more of a beating.

    I do know someone who is selling their YZ125 Supermoto Road Legal 😄

    Would that be your bro by any chance??? LOL ;O)

  • @CYBER-NINJA Yeah lol. He hasn't used it in years and I don't think he is going to use it any time soon lol.

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    @Calum How much is he looking to get back from it?

  • @MIGHTYMAN I'm not sure to be honest. When I last spoke to him it was around the £1600 mark. Give OR Take. I can't remember.

    He hasn't put it on the market yet anyway but if anyone's interested I can let him know and that might make him put it up for sale. As said he hasn't used it in well over a year so it's just pointless having it. I think he wants another Aprilia as that suited his, once every few weeks, riding style. He liked the fact he could go places on the RS, where the YZ tops out at like 70, the Aprilia will cruise at 70.

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    Yeah road legal mx bikes never end up as you picture them 😆. I have a friend who may be keen. He's been reluctant to buy one so far because of all the crap mangled up bikes people seem to sell!

  • @Calum Aprilia FTW!!! 😉